The Speaker

The UK’s leading female cognac expert.


Michelle Brachet loves nothing more than sharing her love of cognac with other people.

Cognac is a complex, fascinating and truly diverse spirit and one that I think is particularly neglected in this country, compared with other spirits. I enjoy nothing more than showing people just how exciting it is in so many different ways. I truly believe that there is a cognac out there for everyone, all you have to do is try it.

An official BNIC Cognac Educator with Distinction, Michelle presents cognac tastings, masterclasses and training at events, directly to consumers, for clients in the hospitality industry/drinks trade, and for businesses who want to give their staff or key clients a totally new and exciting experience.

Michelle also hosts ‘Evenings with Cognac’, working with award-winning chefs and restaurants throughout the UK to create unique and exquisite 4, 5 or 6-course dinners that are paired perfectly with the exceptional Cognac Frapin Grande Champagne cognac.

“Pairing cognac with food is a remarkable way of engaging with it at another level that will take everyone on an unforgettable, exciting and exquisite sensory adventure.”

Cognac Frapin – one of the most highly regarded family-run cognac houses – produces the finest quality cognacs from the Grande Champagne area of the Cognac region and have sponsored Michelle’s events since 2014.

The advantages for you and your venue

  • Giving loyal and regular customers a totally new event to experience
  • A good opportunity to attract new customers
  • Publicity gained from all media exposure and Michelle’s own social media channels
  • Chef gets to create exciting new dishes to pair with each cognac (working in collaboration with Michelle)
  • Other restaurant/bar staff exposed to cognac and educated
  • Long-term relationship built with Michelle for other future events and/or further staff training

And your customers get

  • A totally new and unique experience
  • A fun, interactive and informative evening
  • An introduction to the wonders and diversity of cognac
  • To try a variety of cognacs served in different ways
  • To experience the sensory adventure of cognac and food served together – for most people this will be a first
  • An exquisite 4, 5 or 6-course meal with the cognac included in the ticket price thanks to Cognac Frapin’s sponsorship

Customer testimonial:

“Cognac has never been my drink of choice and before the event I knew absolutely nothing about it. The entire evening was marvellous; it was informative but great fun and I really enjoyed tasting the cognacs, with and without food. Every course of the menu was delicious and everyone had a wonderful evening. I will certainly drink cognac again on its own and most definitely in my next cocktail!” (Mima Hillier, CEO of TTHCURZON Relocation)

Please contact Michelle to arrange your own cognac event . . . and you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise!