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For Michelle, it’s ALL about Cognac and her mission: to get everyone else in the nation as crazy about this magical golden spirit as she is!


Michelle has had a love of cognac for many years. Since taking her passion to a professional level, she is driven and determined to spread the cognac word. As a female in her thirties, she is also fairly unique in the world of cognac, which tends to be quite a male-dominated field.

Michelle is also the author of over twenty-four published titles to date, including the Gourmand World Cookbook award-winning The World of Cognac, A World of Wine, Cheeses of the World, A World of Spirits and A History of Chocolate. Her writing is always creative and refreshing, reflecting her enthusiasm and passion for the world of food and drink.

On the social side of life, quite frankly there is nothing more Michelle loves to do than to enjoy good food and drink fine wine in the company of good friends.

And when not writing, speaking, eating or drinking, Michelle also loves a little bit of adrenaline and lots of fun in her life – the gallery below reveals all!